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the Developer Brains

Web Based Software Development Startup India

The Developer Brains is a Team of developers for any of your full-stack web projects, including separate services for the front end, backend, and database management. So basically, we do all things in the field of websites, whether a front-end-based site with some back-end services like mailing system, online payment system, or purely a back-end API. -The Developer Brains

A solution to your business needs
Full Stack Web Developer's Team.

the developer brains


Learn How to Code With the Help of Expert Developers. Start your coding journey from beginner to advance level using The Developer Brains School (TDB School)

Our Services

Here are the services we provide.

Web Designing

Design attaractive web pages

Web Dev.

Add latest features on your website

Digital Marketing

Apply for google and facebook ads


Get a good rank on search engines

Adsense Service

Apply for google ads service.

Google Ads

Do online marketing of your business


Content management system

E-Commerce Site

Grow business online

Website's App

Create android app of your website


We take a holistic approach to every project. Welcoming your involvement throughout the design process, we start by gaining an understanding of what is most important to you. We learn what purpose each project holds. Then meld our design aesthetic.

Listen & Collaborate

Listen & Collaborate

Our projects begin with a discovery phase to fully articulate the requirements, goals, and preferences for your project. We meet with you and key stakeholders in your organization to ensure that your interests are fully represented and that all potential opportunities are explored.



We combine our years of industry experience along with your expertise and the latest advancements in technology to create an actionable plan that truly represents your unique point of view. For Web Design and Web Development projects.



This is when we dive in and get our hands dirty by performing the bulk of the work for your project. For Web Designing and Web Development projects, this can include server/hosting setup, software & API integration, custom software development, styling, cross-browser testing, alpha testing, beta testing, QA services and microcontroller's manager.



It's time to crack the bubbly- your project is a hit! So what happens next? We're here for you to answer your questions, resolve glitches, implement upgrades, and recommend next steps. Please feel free to reach out to your project manager should you need assistance or if you'd like to discuss your next project with The Developer Brain.

TDB School
we will cover on youtube

If you’re a beginner developer, then these courses will help you to understand basic coding concepts.

Coding Videos


Watch our latest videos on youtube and learn to code in efficient way with our web experts.

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